lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

1st Photography Contest

Habitat for Humanity Mexico

1st Photography Contest

The projections of the National Board of Population estimate that Mexico’s housing demands will increase by almost 80% for the year 2050 (an average of 431,111 houses per year).

For Habitat for Humanity Mexico A.C., it is of great importance to contribute to the recognition of adequate housing as a fundamental human right. Because of this, and on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and the commemoration of the International Volunteer Day, it extends an invitation to the general public for their participation in the First Photography Contest that will take place from September 28 to November 6th of 2009.

Contest Rules

CONTESTANTS. Participation is open for the general public and anyone who is or has been involved as a beneficiary of volunteer of Habitat for Humanity Mexico, A.C. during the 20 years of the organization. Every contestant will be entitled to a participation diploma.


a) Mexico’s Housing: problems and challenges

b) Habitat Mexico, its families and volunteers

NUMBER. A maximum of three photographs will be accepted per contestant.

PSEUDONYM. Each participant will have to create a pseudonym or alias, which will be written on the bottom right-hand corner on the back of the photograph, on the technical specifications card, and on the front of the envelope along with the contestant’s information.

SPECIFICATIONS. The photograph print will have to be sent in color or black and white, in photographic letter size matte paper. Enclosed, send the image as a digital file with a JPG or JPEG format (camera captures as well as quality negative scans). The images can be sent on a CD or DVD without folders or subfolders. 

For analogue cameras, in case of being chosen for and award, the original negative will be required (if it’s not presented, the photograph will be disqualified). The digital files must be named with the pseudonym and the photograph’s name. Example: duckhouseofkata.jpeg

UNPUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHS. The photographs must be owned or unpublished. This means that they can’t have participated in another contest or can’t be previously published, divulged, exhibited or awarded, and that they must be exempt of rights or responsibilities with any instance that might require authorization for the image’s use. The contestant accepts and acknowledges that, in case of any controversy concerning the intellectual property of the material before a third party, he or she will be the only responsible in regard to the damages that such controversy might generate, freeing HPHM from any responsibility. 

AUTHORIZATION FOR THE USE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS. In sending the photographs, the contestant accepts that the images received will become part of the archives of Habitat for Humanity Mexico A.C, and that they can be used by the institution for their reproduction among different formats and presentations such as exhibits, printed and digital documents, and specialized audiovisual materials, among others. In every case, the author’s credit will be included. 

PRESENTATION OF THE WORKS.  The photographs, digital supports (CD or DVD), technical specifications card, and personal card must be delivered or sent by mail on a closed envelope. The sender’s name must be the pseudonym. The address is:

Hábitat para la Humanidad México A.C.

1er. Concurso de Fotografía 2009

Soria no, 47 Col. Álamos

C.P. 03400 México, D.F.

The envelope must include:

- Photograph (see specifications in point 5)

- Technical specifications card, which must include:

1. Pseudonym

2. Photograph’s title

3. Date and place in which the photograph was taken

4. A brief synopsis and story of the photograph (1000 characters tops)

      - Envelope with personal data sheet, which includes:

1. Pseudonym

2. Author’s name

3. Age and date of birth

4. Address

5. Home phone number

6. Mobile phone number

7. Email

8. Occupation

DEADLINE. The period of admission will begin after the publication of this announcement, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs, and will end on October 30 of 2009.

JURY. The jury will be designated by HPHM. Their ruling will be indisputable. The decision will be communicated to the winners, and there will be a public announcement through different web pages during the celebration of the 20th anniversary in December of 2009.

EXPOSITION. One photographic piece of every contestant will be exhibited during the 20th anniversary celebration.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The first 12 places will receive an honorary diploma for their participation. Their photographs will also be part of the 2009 calendar (which will be distributed nationally and internationally), as well as part of the commemorative collection cards.

There will be only one Winner: The winning photograph will be the calendar cover and will have a special mention in the activities’ report of 2009. The winner will also be part of the next jury and will receive his or her recognition during the celebration of the 20th anniversary.

ACCEPTANCE. The participation in this photography contest implies the knowledge and acceptance of the contest’s terms. Any non- fulfillment of these terms can make the contestant subject to disqualification. In participating, the contestant authorizes HPHM to send via email information related this contest and, subsequently, to the organization (bulletins, etc). 

For more information: 55-55190113, with the Organizing Committee.